Our Story

The Destin beaches have always been our happy place holding special memories and moments in our hearts. Many of our fondest times with friends and family members have been spent on these sugar-sanded shores. I can remember in the early days of vacationing here our loved ones would pack up the car, often cramped and sometimes stacked on top of one other, excited to make the voyage to the little fishing town Destin FL. A little piece of paradise.

We absolutely love Destin, always daydreaming about a time when we could make that next trip to a summer getaway our home away from home. This became a cherished tradition for us gathering together as many summers as we could possibly plan. Wonderful trips filled with absolute fun, laughs shared, and stories told and retold. But most importantly, time spent with those people you love most. Every now and then, but especially on those sunset days of our stay, we rhapsodized about never having to leave these beautiful beaches. With each visit, this wish grew and grew each time we made it to the crystal waters and serene landscapes of the Emerald Coast. So much so, that one day we were blessed with the opportunity to make this dream a reality and make moves to become a resident of that very place that inspired us all along.

Soon we had many guests and loved ones visiting and staying at our home which we discovered would be a very special joy in our life. Throughout the years our passion for hospitality has allowed us to share our love for our community, each other, and this beautiful area. So, getting into the vacation rental business just seemed like the next organic step in our journey. We really couldn’t be more excited and thankful to be embarking on it.

As locals with a deep love for the beach, we take pride in providing personalized service, ensuring every guest feels and is treated like a VIP. The goal of our business is to host visitors, families, and friends that will be guided by our local insights and experience all that Destin has to offer. To help others make those special memories and cherished moments. And as our company continues to grow, the Destin VIP team promises to remain at our core a business about people whose aim is celebrating those important people in your life. This opportunity to help others create memories of a lifetime is truly all we could ask for. With our passion for community, we recognize the importance of genuine hospitality and strive to continue sharing this wonderful beach town through our business. Gathering with those you care about and sharing cherished moments with one another really sparked our passion for hospitality and we hope you can feel that in everything we do.