Dear Owners,

We are a locally owned, family-run business that provides quality service. Our modest monthly maintenance fees are for regular bulb, filter, and battery changes.  We are very hands-on with repair items so most repairs can be done “in-house”, which again saves big on outside service calls.

We offer the following Maintenance service items:

  • Property Inspection upon each turnover
  • Checking lighting and replacing bulbs as needed
  • Regular checks on A/C Filters and replacing as needed
  • Checks on working condition of appliances
  • Replacing batteries in remote controls
  • Adjusting the HVAC
  • Etc.

Because we are a small company and intend to stay that way, our management fees are quite competitive with other companies, and we can give PERSONAL service. To us, you are not just another number that gets lost in the crowd.  Our fee is only 21% This includes:

Extensive marketing, Maintaining Marketing sites, Timely response to every email inquiry, Collecting rental Payments, Personal Inspections at each turnover, Collecting and Paying necessary bed and tourist taxes, Providing Monthly and year-end Statements to owners with net rental income payments and Expenses, Advertising on our Websites, All you do is pay for the annual advertising, and we do all the work. The sites we suggest you use are the ones that have been most successful in our marketing to target the Vacation Rental Market.  These include VRBO, ECBYO & for approximately $850/annually.  In addition, we have our website and also use social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

What we ask

We hire only top-quality cleaning crews.  Pricing for cleaning varies according to each individual property.
We require an electronic Lock that you Purchase and own, but we install and maintain it.
We require you to have 2 complete sets of Linens – and they belong to YOU.

Who we areWe are a local, family-based management business that provides a hands-on approach to service specially tailored to our guests and property owners alike. We will be present for any of your needs. We specialize in creating a unique stay for each and all. Our attention to detail is to ensure a delightful and gratifying vacation experience. Having integrity and valued relationships, we are locals you can trust. With our combined skills and talents, our quality property management team will reach and exceed the needs of our owners and guests with an emphasis on personal care. Our guests appreciate that they are staying at a property owned by hard-working people for hard-working people. As a motivated company ourselves, we are here to connect the two. We focus on being community-based and recognize the importance of taking care of the environment around us. The VIP family is an exclusively inclusive company. That means that we believe everyone should experience beach happy moments.

Call us for a meeting to inspect your property and we will work together to set reasonable rental rates and start booking your property!

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you personally.

Mary, Greig, & Allister Baudoin,
Destin Beach VIP, Inc.
Vacation Inspiration Properties
(850) 714-1869